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Membership of Brixham URC

What's it all about?

Church Membership is the way in which Christians who have made their home in the local church are encouraged to express their commitment to that congregation of God’s people.

Who are they?

Well Church Members are not Super-Christians, just ordinary people who meet regularly to try and make sure that the continued life and witness of the church is in line with how God wants it to be. You can still be effective within the life of the church without being a member, but only members have a vote at Church Meeting, and are therefore the people who, as a body, make decisions.

What do they believe?

Naturally this means that a member must be a Christian, not just a person who would like to be part of a kind and pleasant group (which we hope we are!), but people who firstly are prepared to commit their lives to the service of Jesus Christ. This is why a person who becomes a church member must have been baptised or christened, as baptism is considered the 'gateway' into the life of the Church. The Church is called in the New Testament "The Body of Christ", and so it makes sense that when you are committed to Jesus Christ, you are also committed to the welfare of the Church. And, although the church building is important, it is the Church as a group of people involved in worship and mission to which we are primarily committed. Today there are an increasing number of people who have not been christened as an infant, and the Church can make provision for adult baptism should that be required.

Is it important?

We have to be honest. Membership of the Church is a serious and important step in the life of any human being. It is a serious decision for you to make, and here at the local church we have also to make responsible decisions about how and when to accept people into membership. We can provide a preparation course for those exploring church membership for the first time.

What must I do?

Membership of the church means that you have to accept the discipline of the church. In the words of the Service Book we are entering upon a "privilege and a responsibility". Membership will require a commitment to regular attendance at worship, attendance at church meetings where this is possible and regular giving in order that the fabric and mission of the church may be maintained. Many people have expressed the feeling that they have been much more a part of the local church when they become church members. Church membership should bring an added security, joy, and an awareness of God’s love and presence.

Further service

People who have been active members of the church for some time may find that they are called to become an elder or church officer, or to carry out other work within the church. This must never be seen as a reward, or as a status symbol, but as Christian service carried out because of our love for the Lord and each other.

So what now?

If what you have read interests you, and you wish to know more about membership of this church, please ask the church secretary, or an elder, to provide you with further information. They can help you decide on the next step for you to take.